Congratulations to our founder and Creative Director, YOLANDA FURBERT

Congratulations to our founder and Creative Director, Yolanda Furbert on receiving her Masters' designation in wedding & event planning.  She is one of 65 Masters worldwide and the only Master Wedding & Event Planner in Bermuda, we could not be more proud of her and all she has achieved!  We cannot wait to see what she does next!


1. Why did you want to become an MWP?

My goal in becoming an MWP was twofold. First, to build my knowledge and second to educate others. I believe in building one?s knowledge, growing and sharing that knowledge. Being in Bermuda, I felt that having the MWP would allow me to have a better presence and platform to promote ABC and the educational value.

When I completed my 2nd degree in Event Management, including my degree as a Certified Wedding Planner from Penn Foster, I was excited to learn that ABC had a MWP level. Because of my degrees, I thought that I could jump from being a novice member to a Master Wedding Planner, but I soon learned from Elise Enloe, the ABC Education Director at the time, that there was a process. Elise said, ?Yolanda I think that what you should do first is apply for the AWP, wait a year and then do the MWP?.

2. How did you feel when you first learned that you had become a Master Wedding Planner?

The path to achieving my Master Wedding Planner designation was a long one. This was my 3rd time going before the Masters' panel and I wanted to make sure that this time the panel understood me and got all the information required.

After my presentation, I was asked to leave the room for deliberations by the panel. I was a little nervous but I felt that this time I was really prepared.

SO, when Shelby Tuck-Horton came to get me, I tried to read her face to see if I could get a hint of the news, but I could not make out anything. As I walked back to the room, I was ready to accept any advice the panel had to offer, but when I walked in, they were standing and started clapping. I looked behind me to see why they were clapping, and Beverly Ann Bonner walked over to me and said, ?Let me be the first to welcome ABC?s newest Master!? and I just said, ?Oh my God did I get My Masters?!? I was in SHOCK, and even after sharing the news with Carmen Mesa, my husband and Lois Mayo Pearce, it still didn?t really register. By Monday morning when I was one of the hosts for a table at the breakfast, it began to register -- I was a Master!

I am proud to be an ABC member and to finally be an ABC Master Wedding Planner. I look forward to working with and mentoring more wedding and event professionals as well.

3. Now that you are a Master, how do you plan to give back to the industry?

When I first decided to pursue a career in planning, I didn?t have anyone to really guide me in the right direction or have as a mentor. When I became a member of ABC and registered for my first ABC conference, I had made up my mind that if I could not find any assistance from ABC or its members? I would give up event planning because I felt as though I was losing the battle and was not learning or growing. When I arrived at the conference, there were so many people offering their assistance from all over the world, and this was just from attending my first ABC Conference. I had also connected with members who were applying for their Masters? and to this date, we are all still friends.

From the moment I started collaborating, learning and growing in the industry, I have been assisting and/or offering mentoring to anyone who wanted to be a wedding planner. I am that person people come to for advice, so being an ABC member has been and will continue being a huge part of my growth both professionally and personally, so I can continue giving back.

In Bermuda, I want to encourage wedding planners both new to the industry and season to follow suit and become certified followed by moving up the point system to achieve the MWP.

I will offer my time to encourage and continue building and educating Bermuda Wedding Planners. I know what I went through when I first started, so if I can assist others that will be part of my ABC Bermuda growth. I am hoping that by achieving my Master Wedding Planner designation, I am able to be a role model to other upcoming planners. I also look forward to becoming a speaker at conferences and seminars to help other people who want to be wedding planners. I also want to educate them to the act of running their business and doing business with a code of ethics in mind.